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Are you considering motorized shades or blinds for your home? Are you intrigued by motorized blinds but not quite sure what all the benefits are? If so, you have just found yourself in good company!

Many homeowners who are considering motorized options for their window treatments have their interest piqued by some aspect of a motorized blinds solution, but aren’t quite sure if that warrants the investment. Here, we examine some of the top benefits that are associated with motorized window treatments, with an eye towards helping you make an informed decision about what benefits you can expect from your motorized shades or blinds.

THEY ARE CONVENIENT: The first benefit most people think about when they talk about motorized shades is the convenience.  Motorized shades allow you to open and close shades and groups of shades in your home without actually touching the shade.  In fact with motorized shades you can program your shades to operate throughout the day whether you’re home or not.  Having the ability to operate your shades or set them to open a certain way whenever you want is much easier than going shade to shade and manually adjusting them one at a time.  The convenience is compounded when you have a variety of shades you wish to control or when you have windows that are out of reach.  Large window treatments also are easier to maneuver when you have a motorized option.2

THEY CAN PROTECT YOUR HOME: When the shades move up and down throughout the day, your house looks as if someone is there … even when you might be hundreds of miles away. Most control systems allow the shades (and the lights) to operate in a random pattern rather than on a predictable schedule, giving your home a real lived-in appearance.

IMPROVED SAFETY AT HOME: The cords used to operate traditional blinds and shades can be a hazard to children and pets.  Your motorized blinds are 100% cord and chain free, and are the safe and convenient solution for all members of the family.

THEY CAN SAVE ENERGY: With many people searching for ways to conserve energy and revamp their homes to be self-sufficient, having your window treatments set up to open and close the right way to take advantage of natural sunlight is an important aspect of a green home. With motorized shades, you can relax knowing you’re consistently doing your part to conserve energy without having to think about it at all.

THEY ARE AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF FABRICS:  There’s no shortage of selection when it comes to choosing a fabric to attach to the motorized hardware. Colors, textures, and opacities run the gamut—there’s a solution to fit the design and décor of every room .belt-curtain

THEY CAN BE POWERED BY AC OR BATTERIES: There are options for powering the motors. For years, electrical power was the only option, but battery-driven units have been increasing in availability and popularity. Both AC and batteries work well; but having these two options is helpful and opens up the market to owners of apartments, condos, and homes where installing new electrical wiring could prove difficult.

THEY CAN BE CUSTOMIZED TO FIT ALL SHAPES AND SIZES OF WINDOWS:  Windows have transitioned from being purely a utilitarian feature to an architectural feature of a home. Windows in the shape of a trapezoid, circle, and featuring interesting arches and angles, predominate today’s homes, and the hardware and fabrics of motorized window treatment solution can be customized to fit cover any window perfectly.

THEY MOVE QUIETLY, SMOOTHLY AND WITH PRECISION: You’d think that anything driven by a motor would be noisy, but manufacturers have developed units that are virtually noise-free. Plus, the motors are tuned so well that the movement happens smoothly. Thanks to the controls (mobile app, keypad, remote, etc.) that come with the window treatment mechanisms, you can choose several stopping points and the shade or drape moves to those exact spots each and every time without fail. Try doing that with a pull-cord.d041fdc0ac546d2cb959f411fb01e2f6

THEY LOOK BETTER THAN MANUAL SHADES AND DRAPES: Attached to a motorized rod, track, or roller, window treatments lift, lower and traverse left and right without any tugging of a cord necessary. Minus pull cords, you window treatments evoke a look that’s clean and modern. Moreover, the window treatments can be synchronized to start and stop in unison and to line up perfectly across the window.

The good news is that Woodstock Electronics has a variety of automated shades and drapes options from leading global companies like Q-motion , Lutron and Crestron. We will be pleased to speak with you about your next project.

To know more about Woodstock Electronics, please visit our Instagram and twitter pages @wse_ng.

You can also contact us on hello@woodstockelectronics.com or call us on +2348176240754.

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