Smart Locks

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The world around us is getting smarter every day. Keys have been around for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. We’ve all used them (and lost them). With these new smart locks, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing your keys again. A smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your home using your smart phone, bluetooth keyring or computer. However if you live in Nigeria… You probably only want to use smart locks on your bedroom or the kitchen pantry. For your front door, please use bullet proof, burglary proof, weather proof, everything bad proof (with a smart component that you can integrate with the technology in your home).

Here is one of the simple ones available on the market:

And more sophisticated option:

And now a list of the perks of smart locks:

1. Easy Installation, Easy Removal
Most smart locks fit the traditional 54mm door hole and can be removed without a trace. So you can use it even in the house you are renting. Keep it with you wherever you go.

2. No more Fumbling In The Dark For Keys?
The days of fumbling around for keys while trying to carry the groceries and kids is a thing of the past. Smart Lock allows you to simply hold the door handle and turn. No traditional keys required! Particularly with bluetooth or knock functions.

3. Remember When You Were Last Locked Out?
We have all had this very annoying scenario happen. You get home and the door is locked and you forgot your own key. The person with another key is out having fun or doing something important. And you either have to be a jerk and drag them home or sit there and be annoyed till they return. Never again! The days of being locked out are behind you. Lost your smart phone? No worries, simply use your bluetooth FOB, traditional key or log into the website to unlock your door.

Bottom line smart locks will greatly reduce stress levels so its definitely worth investing in

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