Centralizing control…Even your Restaurant could be smart..

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fascinating-bar-deign-with-home-presenting-large-brown-wooden-bar-table-with-glossy-top-and-brown-bar-chair-on-laminate-flooring-plus-many-small-pendant-lamp-hanging-on-ceiling-for-wonderful-and-interesting-bar-design-inspiring (1)

Imagine the smart systems that can control your 25 Restaurant Smart TV’s and Restaurant Audio Systems with a single click.Simplify your audio, video, and other components with one remote to control it all. Broadcast the big game, and as soon as it’s over, easily drop back to the top 20 playlist.Treat your audio and video as separate systems with the ability to join them easily when required.Easily move video around and break audio from video to play in different zones.All of these and infinitely more are possible with integrated control systems.

Video Distribution

Turn every single TV in the building on and off with one button, employees don’t have to spend time to turn individual TVs on and they can focus on other things like serving the customer or prepare their stations for service. You don’t have to turn individual TVs on or pick what shows your customer gonna watch every single day, just ONE button ON and the smart restaurant automation system can do it for you. Control a wall of TVs from a central location so that your customers get to watch what they want, when they want it. You can control every TV from one location so your customers never miss the big play. Play six different games or more on different displays throughout the space, so your customers never miss any of the action. Video distribution systems such as Control4 allows you to experience high-definition video from virtually any source, on any TV with high-quality sound. Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives and even portable devices, or browse through them all simultaneously

Multizone Audio Systems

Control and feed a high-end audio system for dancing or ambient music. Multizone audio system lets your customers enjoy music from several audio sources—such as XM® and Sirius® satellite tuners, CD players and even DJs, inside or out, all at the same time. Customers can relax with jazz on the patio, oldies in the upstairs lounge and listen to the commentator from the football game in the bar. With a multizone system, everybody gets exactly what they want, when they want it. With Russound systems, for example, all of the equipment is neatly concealed in one location, out of sight. All wiring is hidden within the walls. What you see are elegant keypads and speakers, intelligently designed to blend with the décor. You can even extend your music outdoors with weatherproof speakers. At the push of a button, you’re listening to your choice of music. Wherever. Whenever.


With just one touch, you can create the perfect atmosphere in every area of your restaurant with mood lighting. Incorporate your lights, music and climate into a “scene” that cues the perfect ambience and gets everyone in the right mood. Have the lights turn off when employees or guests leave rooms to save on energy bills, automatically. At close of business use a single button to turn the building off or on, keeping energy bills low.


Use IP cameras to keep an eye on your business, no matter where you are. Watch the crew to see what really goes on with waiters, bartenders, kitchen staff and other employees. Receive e-mail alerts based on security-related actions, for example when a door or window is left open or the security system is triggered.

WSE can help you achieve all of these and more with your restaurant, sports bar or lounge.

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