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As the heat becomes more unbearable and power outage rates rise, we are using a lot more energy from generators and inverters to try and stay cool. Ironically, all of that energy also makes climate change worse which means its just going to get hotter. In the U.S. alone, people already use nearly 200 billion kilowatt hours of electricity for cooling each year, and Nigeria would completely dwarf that (if we actually had electricity that is…#VoteWisely). But new technology on the home cooling front could be a small solution to all of these problems.

Researchers in Barcelona designed a material they say can naturally cool rooms by about 5 degrees Celsius, using a moisture-absorbing polymer that “sweats” much like our own body. Now on a day like today this will get us down to around 23-28 degrees in Nigeria. Now I hear you say thats still relatively warm, but if you think about it, typically air conditioning will typically take the temperature to about 21/22 degrees anyway (not too far off). So with this you are saving NEPA credit and diesel.

Heres how it works:

Although still in prototype phase, the walls can either replace air conditioning units or work in conjunction with them. Using the two together would allow you to simulate winter or just to achieve a comfortable temperature on a hot summer day.

The future is here, people.

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