Award winning sound


Spitfire Cinema

Good news!

Once again, Artcoustic Loudspeakers has won an award of excellence for having the Best High End Speaker system – The Spitfire SL series. They were presented with this award at the AVTech Media Awards 2014/15 and AVTech Media had this to say:


Artcoustic’s SL Series of on-wall loudspeakers offers slender cabinets for snug system builds and gloriously impactful sonics, so those with aspirations for a high-end discreet cinema setup should apply. With the sensitivity of the main enclosures tipping 110db (helped by the 12 tweeters and 24 mid range cones), the Danish brand’s flagship model is easy to drive to room-filling SPLs.

The sound created from this 7.2 pack is immense in scale and packed with hard-hitting details. A worthy winner.

Artcoustic Loudspeakers has got the world’s first and best on-wall speakers with bespoke design options.


In the West African region, we represent the Artcoustic Loudspeaker brand. If you require high end speakers that offer the best sound then visit us today at Woodstock Electronics, 59 Ademola Street SW Ikoyi Lagos or send an email to or call +234-1-7731185

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