While growing up, it was the norm to attend Sunday service in our local churches with parents. We were used to sermons, choir ministrations, announcements and more being rendered using audio systems not particularly nice to listen to. In fact, we used to endure the choir either singing off-key or the backup singers singing louder than the lead singer. There were situations where the pastor would cite a reading from the New King James version which was different from the version the congregation members had. We also experienced awkward days in church where the choir totally murdered very good songs but the congregation members had to applaud because they just had to be nice. There were frequent times when the incessant humming sounds from the speakers also created a huge nuisance to our ears.


Today, all that has changed and AV now has a great impact on the sound quality of systems in our churches.From the audio enhancement systems to equipment used at concerts, sound production has drastically changed. Sound engineers who understand the sciences of audio have created positive impacts in churches. Some sound equipment like amplifiers which could produce up 2000 kw of power to drive speakers connected in series are now deployed to produce pitch perfect sounds. Audio mixers are used to balance the vocal pitches of either speakers or singers. Monitor speakers are placed close to those who present on stage. This happens so they can control pitches of their voices to make them more appealing to everyone. The sound engineers also employ knowledge of speakers to produce good sound for churches. They know about wall mounted speakers, in-wall speakers, buried speakers and their applications. They also know that different types of microphones and their applications are used to create better audio atmosphere. The lapel microphones are mostly used by the persons who only make speeches while the hand held microphones are used by the choir.


From way back, the general notion was that projecting was solely for presentations or for big screened movies. That changed when bible verses, lyrics to hymns/popular songs, motion pictures of the pastor and the congregation members were projected on screens. Doing these have spared the blushes for many people. Now, there is no need to feel embarrassed when people forget bibles at home or when they don’t fully know the lyrics to popular praise and worship songs because they can easy read on the large screens. This also supports the cause to go paperless or green in our society. Churches are also able to present seamlessly their accounting documentation for charitable purposes or community service by letting the congregation know what their donations have been used for. For now, people might take the benefits of AV in churches for granted until a day comes when the projecting system goes faulty.  


Looking at the future, mega churches are beginning to plan for mega concerts where top gospel musicians can perform on stage to bring them at par with international music concerts. In fact, one of such concerts is The Experience organized by House on the Rock ministries which had its maiden edition nine years ago. The concert embodies all that is spoken of in this post. From good stage management to great sound production, considerations are put in place every year to ensure perfect sound delivery always.

Woodstock Electronics has been able to build reputable relationships with world class companies who are experts in creating these dream Audio Visual systems in churches. WSE works strategically with these companies to profer solutions that are targeted to whatever needs the clients have. For example, Extron which specializes in distributed AV systems has been an outstanding partner for more than ten years. Our local personnel are given hands-on training by these foreign companies to ensure that WSE is better equipped to combine the latest technology with experience to deliver excellently on every job. WSE completes projects when due and delivers world class cable management.

Get in touch with us today to begin that journey of having a world class system installed in your church!


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