Pancakes not Crepes


header image-01 Mornings are so beautiful not just because it starts your day all bright, holding lots of promise with the beautiful sight of the rising sun and all the energy building on the streets but for the single fact that it is the perfect time to have pancakes or crepes. Who said so? Apparently I did with no apology to put forward. However, a rather more important question for the purpose of this post is, are they the same thing? There have been debates amongst families, friends and foodies but here is who I think is certified and whose answer is trustworthy – Le Chef!! If there is anyone that can tell the difference between the two it has to be The Chef and that is because they are the ones who are professionally tasked with the job of making this tasteful delight. I’d love to tell you a few things about this difference and I will but that is not why we are here. We are here to highlight the difference between videoconference and telepresence as just like pancakes and crepes, they are closely similar but uniquely different. vc or tp-02 What is videoconference or telepresence? Simply, videoconference or telepresence is a meeting of two or more people remotely connected over a video call. This meeting enables people at different locations to have a face-to-face interaction and also share documents. It is done with the aid of the internet. A very basic example of video conference or telepresence found and used around is Facetime, Skype and most recently Viber. The basic components of a videoconferencing or telepresence system are; a camera, a codec, microphone, display device, speaker, data connection (internet) and a user interface for its operation. Why videoconference or telepresence? It helps reduce or even eliminate the need and cost of traveling for meetings. It saves time and accelerates the speed of business with instant communication; it helps you keep tabs on business without geographical restrictions just to mention a few. What differentiates a videoconference from telepresence? These systems are made up of similar components as mentioned but are uniquely different as the way each is setup is quite different. Videoconference is setup in a way that all participants are not necessarily sited directly across the display but can be seen, it retains the awareness that the meeting is not within the same room rather between two or more remote location, Telepresence on the other hand is setup in a way that all participants are sited directly across the display and it gives the impression that the meeting of two or more participants in remote locations is actually in the same room. Essentially while in telepresence it gives the impression and appears as if all participants are in the same room, in videoconferencing it does not. Other than this, every other aspect of these systems is basically the same which brings me back to pancakes and crepes. The major difference between these two is while leavening agents are used for pancakes, there is none used in the batter of crepes. Also, the batter of crepes is thinner than that of pancakes as it contains milk. #PancakesNotCrepes

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