The Lexus of Coffee Machines


I am an avid coffee drinker but i will admit, my palette is not sophisticated (AT ALL). I am a Nescafe person, maybe Tim Hortons if I am feeling fancy. I had a bad experience at a Starbucks, basically I felt shamed by the barista for not knowing anything about the different kinds of roasts. So I swore allegiance to the Instant Coffee Nation, until I found the Impressa. I have decided to move away from instant and instead of going the KitchenAid route I am going to skip right ahead to the luxury brands. Now notice I didnt call it the Bugatti of Coffee makers because when it comes to Luxury Coffee, these appliances can literally put a down payment on a house. For example TopBrewer Pro now thats going to run you $15,000 and up so we will call that on the Bugatti. Lets start with a little above average Lexus. f50-1JURA fully automatic coffee speciality machines are designed to create the perfect coffee every time. They feature many different programming options so that you can vary your coffee to enjoy your personal favourite varieties and specialities.‘From ristretto to latte macchiato – the perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button’ For perfect coffee in a cup every time it’s important to look after your machine on a day-to-day basis and follow some simple rules of hygiene when it comes to milk, coffee and water.

Now seeing as I’m an amateur in the coffee world. The Impressa allows features your favourite coffees at the touch of four preparation buttons. And it saves  your drinking preferences so you enjoy your coffee again and again. If that wasnt easy, the programme navigation is incredibly simple thanks to the high-quality, sophisticated user guidance concept and with the help of the Rotary Switch.

The best part is everything is automatic. It even cleans itself, running hot water through all the lines and nozzles every time you shut it down. Juia thought of everything, and the milk or cream is put in an external stainless steel reservoir the size of a travel coffee cup, which you can keep in the fridge all week, keeps the milk fresher than the container it came in, and easily snaps on when you want milky drinks. Otherwise you simply add water and beans occasionally, dump the grounds once in a while, and it does the rest – and does it superbly.

All these features wont cost you the same amount as Starbucks so you are looking at around $2,500 but I’d say its well worth it.

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