Health and Fitness for Professionals


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A very salient topic to consider for everyone. Notably, as people get older, the body’s metabolism reduces. You might have realized by now that when you were younger you could do certain activities like running, climbing and so on, but now those activities seem herculean because you find yourself panting faster and you get tired.

You also find that for many professionals, they do a lot of mental work at their desks for several hours without getting up. In the process they feel hungry and send for snacks/pastries high in calories and sugar which seem to give satisfaction at that moment but could be hazardous in the long term if consumed frequently overtime.

Another thing that affects many professionals these days is that even after work instead of heading to the gym or doing some exercise like jogging after work many people head to beer parlours and bars to chill out with friends. During interesting chats about topics like football they find that they consume quite a high amount of beer and alcohol which converts to sugar. Overtime, this makes the stomach bloated which leads to the pot-belly syndrome in men and women alike. This could further lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes or even heart disease.

Many times when professionals are out and about they find themselves eating anywhere from fast food joints to common ‘bukkas’ around their offices. Have you ever taken time to consider the hygienic conditions used to prepare your meals bought from those locations or even the quality of ingredients used during the preparation of the meals such as oil. Constant consumption of oil which is not cholesterol-free is dangerous.

It is never too late to begin afresh to take care of your health. If you notice you pant reallyfast when you run a little distance, it is advisable to start exercising as soon as possible. You can choose to use the staircase at work instead of using the lift, or dancing more while listening to your favorite music at home.

You can also choose wisely where to buy your food if you have to eat out. Replacing meals of red meat with fish or lean white meat like poultry or with mollusks like snails, oyster or squid. Also, having more fruit or vegetable salads in your meals and reducing your calorie intake will also help.

If you need to nibble during the day you can buy fresh fruits like oranges, apples, almond nuts, ground nut, whole wheat snacks etc

Remember to take a walk from your desk at least every hour.

Did I mention to always have a bottle of water by your side? Very necessary because sometimes you might not be hungry, you might just be thirsty.

When having your meals try not to drink too chilled water. Water at room temperature is preferable. In fact it is advised to avoid drinking water during meals until your meal is over. This aids digestion and helps prevent the protruding tummy.


Lighting is often overlooked when designing a home gym, but appropriate and even innovative lighting can make your workout room more inviting. “Good lighting design can mean the difference between a vibrant, energizing home gym and a dull, drab one,” says Mark Oser, an interior designer in Philadelphia who has designed everything from 400-square-foot home gyms to expansive residential gyms with swimming pools and basketball courts. The lighting in the room can greatly influence your mood. Natural light usually works best as it is energizing (and is a good source of Vitamin D) but the glare may make you feel overworked. So for your fitness room, try to have windows with automated blinds. That way you can set up a ‘workout mode’ where the blinds only come half way down depending on the time of day. If you are going with artificial lights choose high efficiency LED lights with a bit of yellow, to mimick the sun.

The best way to have an enduring healthly lifestyle, is to get the involvement of your family and friends. Nothing worse than eating a salad next to someone with a double cheeseburger. PA systems are a good way to get the family involved. You can have an aerobics CD playing throughout the house so everybody is active in whatever corner they are in. And you can also take your workout out of the gym and still continue in the kitchen.

Until the next health series for professionals….you take care!

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