The Smart Home Revolution

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smart home-02

Did you know you could own a ‘Smart Home’? A home you can literally speak to; a home where all your appliances and equipment are seamlessly integrated such that you can communicate with them and they will respond.

In every home, you require lighting, a gate for security, blinds/ shades for windows, sound systems for music, TV display systems, cooling systems. All these systems can be connected to a network and controlled from your ipad.

Many people have busy schedules and prefer to have undisrupted sleep. It is possible to program your blinds and shades at night when you sleep such that when it is morning, the shades go up without you having to get up.

It is also possible to program your security lights at home such that in the evening your lights goon automatically and go off at day break automatically. Also, when you walk into your living room, the lights go on automatically and go off when you leave

Whether you want to stay home all day or you take that much needed vacation, now you can have lighting control systems that can sync to your daily routine or allow the option to turn everything except for the security lights off at the touch of a button.

You can get designed systems for IP Surveillance (CTV), automated door locks for access control, door stations to enable you see and communicate with visitors, automated control for your gates etc. These systems help you monitor activities in and around your home.

With technology everything becomes seamless, time-saving, energy saving and convenient. If you are in the West African hemisphere, for any these services and more, call us Woodstock Electronics on 01-7731185 or send an e-mail

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