How to put on the perfect film screening


lca_screen Woodstock Electronics had the opportunity to partner with The Lifehouse at the 4th Lights, Camera, Africa film festival from 26th Sept to 10th Oct 2014. It was absolutely amazing. Here are a couple of tips to put on the best movie screening event

Understand the space: Every venue, indoor or outdoor, will have different audio-visual needs. The materials used in the room may cause echoes, the height of the walls and ceilings would determine the size of the screen, even color may come into play. It is important to do a proper survey of the space and identify all the contingencies.

Seating Arrangements: Once you have analyzed the venue, you need to arrange the seating, making sure that every seat has a clear line of sight to the screen. You also need to mitigate the flow of people in and out. It is important that the rows are short enough so people can go out if need be without disrupting the screening.

Lights OFF! The darker the room, the better the viewing. Depending on the time of day you will need to get thick curtains or blinds to block out any ambient light. If those don’t work, feel free to board up all your windows.

Lets hear it: The scores and the sound effects are crucial for the enjoyment of the movie. As such it is important to balance the sound to it is well rounded. If you choose to have front speakers, ensure its loud enough for the back row but not deafening to the front row.

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